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Managing Risk through Technology


At Berkley we approach Risk differently. We combine traditional insurance and risk management practices with technology to provide real-time monitoring, asset management and recovery. Because we manage risk better, you can reduce claims and reverse unfavorable loss trends. This enables us to secure better premiums across your portfolio.

We track and insure construction plant, medical & rental equipment including fleets – our integrated risk approach reduces your insurance cost. We also have industry leading solutions to track and insure livestock and agricultural assets.

Give us a call, our experienced advisory team can manage all your insurance needs from Assets, Marine, Liabilities through to Group schemes and Specialist risks.

Berkley Risk provides Specialist Broking and advanced Risk Management solutions through our trusted partners, enabling us to provide you with a tailored solution for your business.

Unlocking Success with Specialised Broking and Revolutionary Risk Management Solutions!

Specialised Insurance

Our specialised insurance services provide you with tailored solutions specific to your business needs. We provide structured insurance solutions that optimise your insurance coverage. We integrate Risk Management into your insurance policy enabling you to monitor and manage your assets.

Unleash Your Potential, Tailored to Perfection. Boutique Insurance Solutions, Empowering Your Business Success.


Our resident expert brings international best practice to the Energy and Renewable sector clients operating in southern Africa. We offer lenders advisory services, risk assessments and placement services through our insurance and reinsurance broking license. Working closely with our wholesale broker based in London, we can provide a seamless insurance service to the power generation, energy storage, renewable and oil & gas sectors.

Empowering Energy Innovators, Illuminating the Path to Success. Unleash the Power of Southern Africa with Our Tailored Insurance Solutions.

Reinsurance Broking

At Berkley, our reinsurance consultants understand that for an Insurer to underwrite risk profitably, they will always need reinsurance to preserve or enhance their capital strength and ratings.

Elevate Your Risk Strategy, Exceed Expectations. Berkley Reinsurance, Fueling Insurers’ Success with Great Expertise.

Realtime Asset Tracking Managment

Berkley Risk is the only Insurance Intermediary that has real-time RF tracking technology to track, insure, monitor and recover customer’s fixed & mobile assets.

RF tracking is superior to GSM tracking in that Radio Waves cannot be blocked in the same way that GSM pulses are blocked with jamming equipment.

Our early warning technology negates the need for multiple tracking devices on high-risk assets. With our technology partner, we offer our clients superior insurance rates due to the reduction in losses related to crime-based activities.

Cannabis Insurance

Berkley Risk is the leading specialist broker for insuring your legally licensed production, processing, testing and transit risks. Working closely with our licensed commercial cannabis producers; we have designed covers specific to the needs of the cannabis industry.

Trade Credit

Trade Credit Insurance is a type of insurance policy purchased by businesses to safeguard their accounts receivable from loss due to credit risks such as protracted default, insolvency, or bankruptcy. This type of insurance is crucial for businesses that operate on credit terms, as it not only offers protection against non-payment, but it can also enhance a company’s credit quality and facilitate better financing terms from lenders. By reducing the risk of unpaid invoices, Trade Credit Insurance can help companies maintain cash flow stability and grow with greater confidence.

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