Asset Tagging Tracking Technologies

Berkley Risk as exclusive distribution rights for RF tracking technologies to the Insurance industry.

RF tracking is superior to GSM tracking in that Radio Waves cannot be blocked in the same way that GSM pulses are blocked with jamming equipment.

Our RF technology partner has over 3,800 base stations in South Africa alone are able to track devices via RF for a distance of up to 40km.

If your client has a large fleet or is an affinity business and is looking for a RF solution, speak to us and we can assist with a white labelled offering.


Our RF tracking solution for Vehicles is the cheapest and most effective on the market. Currently there are over 38,000 vehicles fitted with RF vehicle asset tags.

The vehicle asset tag has its own power, does not require hard wiring and can be attached to vehicles without any impact on warranties.

Our units sleep until activated with a battery life of up to 7 years. The technology has resulted in several arrests where vehicles have been traced back to chop shops across South Africa.

Mobile Plant

If you are in the Plant Rental or Hire business, you need to speak to us. Our RF tracking units are low cost enabling even jack hammers to be fitted with Plant tracking tags.

This is extremely helpful for self-recovery of plant & equipment on site, alternatively the asset recovery team can recover stolen equipment or where the customer has absconded with your property.

The RF Plant tracking tag will reduce your excess in the event of Theft as we will get your assets back!



Our premises tags sleep until activated… we have solutions for cable theft, unauthorized access, infrastructure theft, heat and motion sensing. For every application, we have a fit-for-purpose tag. Many of South Africa’s mining houses use this technology to manage assets across a wide area of operation.

Speak to us for a solution for your business.

Speak to us and we can assist with a white labelled offering.