Boutique Insurance Solutions

Our Boutique service provides customers with tailored solutions specific to their business needs.

We provide structured insurance solutions that optimise your insurance coverage. We integrate Risk Management into your insurance policy enabling you to monitor and manage your assets in a real-time environment.

We have, through our associate company, Berkley Analytics, exclusive access to asset management hardware and algorithmic software enabling you to better manage your risks.

Superior Asset management and structuring, translate directly into cheaper premiums, reduced excesses and improved loss ratios.

Customer industries serviced within our Boutique vary from renewable energy plants, to mobile fleet, asset tracking to smart farming solutions.

Bonds & Guarantees

Berkley Risk has extensive experience in securing performance bonds, retention and construction guarantees.

We can also arrange Rental Payment and Consignment Stock guarantees for the retail sector.

Construction & Engineering

We provide you with the following covers:

  • Contactors All Risks – Covering the Principal, Contractor and sub-Contractors
  • Mobile Plant & Hired-in Plant – Covering hired in plant, mobile plant on site, including tower cranes.
  • Project Delay & Political Risks – Covering delay following the loss of critical items as well as political frustration of contracts.
  • Machinery Breakdown & Consequential Loss – We insure specific production lines and critical plant.
  • Professional Indemnity – In respect of Design Engineers, Architects and Consultants.
  • Single Project Liability – Our liability solution covers activities across the entire site resulting in third party damage and or injury.

We also have additional capacity through our reinsurance partners in London and can provide underwriting capacity at Lloyds.

Fuel Industry

If you are a Fuel Retailer we can provide Fuel Retail guarantees backed by a major banking partner.

We also provide a bulk insurance solution for Fuel Retailers covering the forecourt, defective workmanship, incorrect dispensing of fuel, through to
accidental pollution.

Cover includes Forecourts, Fast Food Outlets as well as Franchise Shops.

Motor Trade

Our exclusive RF tracking solution provides you with the lowest cost, broad based asset tracking solution in South Africa.

We can provide RF Tracking for your own stock in trade, your customers and high value mobile assets incl Motor Cycles, Hired-out Plant, Industrial Trailers, etc…

You can insure your mobile asset with us or self-insure and simply track your own asset backed with a recovery service.

Speak to us to design a solution to meet your particular needs.

Medical Equipment

We cover medical equipment in hospitals, emergency vehicles and at clinics.

You can track specific medical equipment at your premises or whilst being transferred between hospitals and clinics.

We also have mesh solutions where every item of value can be tagged and geo-fenced in wards, hospital wings and within the perimeter.

We insure these assets and are able to reduce your theft excesses to zero in instances where an asset has been RF tagged.


Our Agriculture RF base stations enable you to manage all your farming assets. We integrate farm security solutions with asset management to cover your family, farm management and staff.

We can track livestock and high value game through advanced surveillance technology.

We have specific insurance solutions for Smart Agriculture from Crop Insurance for micro farmers through to Growing Crop monitoring by drone technology.

We provide structured insurance solutions that optimise your insurance coverage.