Precision Farming

Berkley Risk is the leading smart farming Broker across Africa who integrates precision farming with index based indemnity. We apply science to agriculture to reduce the number of input variables, thereby increasing the predictability of yield for cash crops.

Soil Analysis

With our precision science partners; we apply science to the soil in order to determine crop yield and proactive soil management.

Pin-point climate monitoring

Through our IoT partner; we monitor near real-time climatic conditions in geolocated fields measuring moisture, humidity, location and temperature.


Satellite and Drone surveillance

We use satellite and drone technology for weather indexing and NDVI crop monitoring.

At Berkley we design insurance programmes for large scale Commercial Farms and Agricultural Parks across Africa. We enable bankable projects through risk mitigation and reduction covering inputs, yield-based indemnity, storage, logistics and extension services.

We are pleased to offer comprehensive insurance coverage for agricultural equipment.

Please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us for further assistance.