Tracking Solutions

Our People and Asset Location platform enables devices to simply connect to the largest non-GSM network in South Africa and communicate using IoT Messaging. Our solution covers all Cities, Universities and Large towns, Border Posts and Main Routes across South Africa.

People Location

People location is now affordable and available to all South Africans who own a smart device. Our hardware device is the size of a button, is cheap and has a battery life of up to 2 years; enabling clients to locate high profile individuals, permanent and contract staff, family members and the elderly.

Asset Tracking

RF tracking is superior to GSM tracking in that Radio Waves cannot be blocked in the same way that GSM pulses are blocked with jamming equipment. Our RF technology partner has over 3,800 base stations in South Africa alone are able to track devices via RF for a distance of up to 40km.

Let us find the holistic solution to protect your Assets